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At PruProtect, we make sure you've got more to offer your clients. We protect more of the things that matter to them.

We are continually creating new products to meet your client's needs. Our latest innovation, Vitality Optimiser, offers your clients a new way to optimise their plan and make the most of Vitality – with an upfront discount. Plus new Serious Illness Cover Booster gives clients extra help coping with the long-term effects of some serious illnesses.


Vitality means your clients will get something back from their cover, even if they never claim

We give your clients Vitality, our healthy living programme. It helps them get healthy, it helps them get more from life, and it even gives them money off their premiums when they take part. They could even get rewards for looking after their health. It means they can always get something back from their policy, even if they never make a claim.

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